Nikon's new generation of lenses for myopia

Recommended for : All myopic wearers who do not want to compromise aesthetics and optical quality.

Until now when it came to higher prescriptions, there had to be a compromise between optical quality and aesthetics. Nikon Aspheric significantly reduces this trade off. Its unique Double Aspheric design results in improved optics and better cosmetic.


  • Thickness is reduced by a maximum of 16% compared to conventional lens
  • Flatter curve for better aesthetics
  • Outstanding optical performance

Ultra Thin Design

Exceptional Optical Quality

By incorporating the latest double aspheric technology into MyopSee, Nikon is able to achieve an outstanding optical performance. Double aspheric design enables a further reduction in unwanted astigmatism compared to aspheric design.

<p>Conventional lens</p>

Conventional lens