Seecoat Bright UV

Bright your vision even in dim light condition

Recommended for : Those who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception event in dim light conditions.


  • Enhanced Colour Perception
  • High contrast with a boost in low light situations
  • Ultimate protection for your lenses (cleaner, clearer, tougher and dust free)

After the age of 20, our eyes become less sensitive to light.
It becomes increasingly difficult to read or conduct visually demanding activities in dim light.
We need more light to see clearly.


Brighter Vision

Better Contrast

Finer Details

91% of wearers see an improvement *

* Source: QUT (Queensland University of Technology) clinical study April 2017

Brighter vision

Enjoy every detail and color as they were meant to be seen even in low light.

Brighter vision conventionnal lens
Brighter vision Seecoat Bright UV

Retouched pictures

Better contrast

Contrast levels are enhanced such that you see dark areas darker and bright areas brighter.

Better contrast conventionnal lens
Better contrast Seecoat Bright UV

Retouched pictures

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lens for you.

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