Single Vision Lenses

Same focal power through the entire lens

Single Vision Lenses
Single vision lenses have the same focal power throughout the entire lens and can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Nikon provides a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your needs but offer you the utmost in cosmetic appeal.

SeeMax AP

Double side custom made single vision lens


Lenses for eyestrain relief


Nikon's new generation of lenses for myopia

Aspheric lenses

Nikon aspheric design

Extended Focus Lenses

Smooth and effortless indoor vision

Extended Focus Lenses
With today’s increasing time spent indoors, we are required to see near to room distance more often. Extended focus lenses are designed to meet these needs by offering smooth and effortless indoor vision.


The perfect enhanced intermediate vision lens for home and office

Soltes Wide

The perfect extended near vision lens for near activities

Progressive Lenses

Lenses with a graduated prescription

Progressive Lenses
Progressive lenses are the best option to correct presbyopia. Nikon allows a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort, all within a single lens.

Presio Master Infinite

Stress free vision

Presio Power Infinite

Dual power progressive lens

Presio Wide Infinite

Double side progressive lens with an aberration filter

Presio DigiLife Infinite

A wider intermediate progressive lens for digital lifestyle

Presio Balance Infinite

I see perfect balance


Optical performance enhancing lens treatments

Applying treatments to your lenses will enhance optical performance, safety and appearance. Discover the advantages of different treatments and find out which best suits your lifestyle.


Your vision is clearer

SeeCoat Blue UV

Blue light control technology & full UV protection

SeeCoat Plus UV

Advanced clear protection technology

Sun & UV protection

Lenses which fit with your outdoor activities

Sun & UV protection
When we’re out during the day, direct sunlight glare or unwanted reflections can disturb our vision. If you have a vision correction need, many types of sunglasses and eyeglass frames can be fitted with Nikon lenses. With sunglasses that fit your correction power, you’ll experience eye protection, perfect vision and an accurate perception of colors.


Polarised lenses for the ultimate prescription sunglasses


Comfort, Convenient, and Protective

Comfort & Protection

Best solutions against harmful blue light

Comfort & Protection
Nikon offers lenses specially adapted for modern digital lifestyles. These lenses come with a coating that cuts part of the blue light emitted by the sun and artificial lights. They also feature a special optical design that provides some relief to the eye focusing system, allowing your eyes to relax.

Seecoat Bright UV

Bright your vision even in dim light condition

Blue Secure

The optimal protection against harmful blue light

Night Drive Boost

The everyday clear lens that reduces glare